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Because fire uniforms are not manufactured to be completely indestructible, it takes special care to maintain, and we at Fire Uniform Clean understand the processes required to do just this. It is our aim to keep your fire uniform performing at its full potential.

As fire uniforms are worn to protect firefighters from dangerous or life-threatening situations, Fire Uniform Clean ensures that all bunker gear protects firefighters to the highest possible NFPA safety standards.

All uniforms are cleaned, dried, fully inspected and return shipped within a 72 hour timeframe. While alterations and repairs may take longer, Fire Uniform Clean guarantees they will be ready within two weeks.

Fire Uniform Clean is an NFPA 1851 Certified third party Independent Service Provider who understands the unique care required to maintain personal protective equipment, according to the specifications of manufacturers. The following services are provided by Fire Uniform Clean:

  • Advanced Cleaning
  • Specialized Cleaning
  • Advanced Inspection
  • Complete Liner Inspection
  • Basic Repairs
  • Advanced Repairs
  • Retrofits, Alterations, and Customizations
  • Emergency Response
  • Temporary Replacement Gear
  • Rental Gear
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